Entwicklung eines sozialen Bike-Sharing Services für die Hochschule Osnabrück.

June 1, 2018   ·   App Development

Summary creates an offer of bicycles for students from students. Everyone can participate and become part of the community to lend and hire bikes. enables all students of the University of Osnabrück to participate in a sustainable and up-to-date mobility concept. Through the possibility of a shared use of every bicycle on the campus, the need for cars and parking space can be reduced. is a fully comprehensive user platform for lending and renting private bicycles. With an app, students can easily book bicycles in their area for a set period of time. The students themselves decide on their conditions, including the desired rental periods and parking areas of the bicycle.


Annie Bike, Annie Time, Annie Place
The name "Annie" is the word "any" translated into a name. Through the personification the user can build an emotional, personal connection to the service. The slogan "Annie Bike, Annie Time, Annie Place" explains that you can borrow any bike at any place at any time. The logo shows the initial letters of the alliteration from the slogan.

Material Design

The app is designed inspired by the material design guidelines from Google. The App uses the colors red, green and yellow. For the typeface different font styles from the famous font family Montserrat were used. The icons are mostly from the collection of material design icons and their own complements, such as the bicycle icons. For an intuitive, consistent design the app consists of mostly components from the material design, such as list items, buttons or text fields.

How it works

The animations explain the concept of Annie.Bike. No matter what bike, for how long, where or how expensive you want it, by the community everything is possible. As a lender you have the opportunity to earn money with your bike and share it with your friends.

Filter the best

The user can find the perfect bike for themselves through different settings in the filter function. The quality of the bike is determined by a rating system (Joy of Use, Condition & Traffic Safety). If you prefer to drive cheap, you can use a slider to set the lowest price. To fit the person and their needs you can filter on the "Bike Type" according to categories, such as frame size, gender or type of bike.

Riding the Bike

Each bike has a zone set individually by the lender. In the home zone, the renter pays the normal price and in the double zone the double price. Parking is prohibited in the red zone. With the Activity Tracker live the current price, duration and the distance are displayed.

All in one

With the starter kit every user can rent his private bike and earn money. The starter kit includes a padlock, universal bracket, a powerbank, a sticker set and self-assembly instructions. The padlock has GPS, GPRS, Bluetooth and a QR code.

General Infos


Lennart Otte
Neele Rittmeister
Andreas Krauss


App Design
Interactive Prototyping
Motion Design


Adobe Experience Design
Adobe Illustrator


Prof. Johannes Nehls
Prof. Hofmann